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Flange Measurement with ProFlange®

ProLine V3 – Software for automated Measurements!


  • Wireless environment
  • Complete freedom of movement
  • Automised laser plane adjustment
  • Two user interfaces
  • Immediate measurement and results
  • 2D and 3D result graphics
  • Short waviness
  • Taper and tilt
  • Project Management
  • Extensive reporting capability
  • Complete analysis feature
  • Database Management
  • Safety

Demo Video


Laser Measurement Technology in the Windpower Industry

Status Pro has introduced a revolutionary new measurement system for flange measurement and component alignment in the wind power industry. The unit combines the ease of use of a self leveling sweep laser T330 together with precision laser sensors R310. The result is you have a very ease to handle measurement system which can rapidly produce precise results.

The System Components
ComponentsThe T330 Laser comprises of a sturdy housing which provides the mounting for a rotating, moveable Laser assembly head. The Laser can be controlled using the R310 Receiver and Infra-red, if required. The setting up of the Laser plane follows fully automatically. The R310 Receiver, with its 80mm measuring range displays the Laser values per LED and also transmits these values to the Display Unit in real-time. Data is transmitted from the R310 to the Display Unit via Blue-Tooth – no annoying cables on the site! The R310 is available with an aluminium or a synthetic based plastic housing. Power supply for the R310 receiver and the T330 Laser is supplied using either batteries, rechargeable cells or using the supplied mains cable. Various mounting brackets and tripods are available.

Parallelitätsmessung mittels Laser

Measurement of Parallelism

Vermessung des Flanschfundaments

Foundation Measurement

Further measurement are Measurement of the Axis, Head Assembly and Baseframe Measurements.

Software Screens

Alignment Packages

ProFlange® 100

Starter Package for Flange Flatness

ProFlange 100 package

Deutsch      PC ProFlange 100 DE 

english      PC ProFlange 100 EN

ProFlange® 200

Professional Package for Flange Flatness

ProFlange 200 package

Deutsch      PC ProFlange 200 DE 

english      PC ProFlange 200 EN 


Field Measurement


Over the past 20 years Status Pro has developed a great deal of experience in industrial geometrical measurement. The nature of the business is that the measurement and alignment applications are spread across a wide range of industries.

The team and qualifications: 
We have qualified industrial surveyors, mechanical engineers, vibration and alignment specialists in our service team.

Field Measurement Examples :

Messung von GeradheitStraightness
Messung von ParallelitätenParallelism
Messung der PositionierungPositioning
Messung von RechtwinkligkeitSquareness
Messung von EbenheitFlatness

Measurement Themes

Straightness Measurement


Flatness and Level Measurement

Flatness and Level

Perpendicularity Measurement


Parallelism Measurement


Interferometry with Laser



Calibration of Rotating Axes

Twist Measurements

Precision Spirit Level

Flange Measurement

Flange Measurement

Bore Alignment

Bore Alignment

Roll Parallelism

Roll Parallelism



This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical operation of the website.
Other cookies will only be used with your consent. Privacy.